About Us

Our Mission


Our mission at Momentum Community Care is to deliver the latest and most advanced testing to all Americans. We are committed to ensuring that healthcare providers are able to get to the right diagnosis faster and with a level of confidence that is unmatched in today’s marketplace. We believe that the use of genetic testing in the management of chronic illness is the key to changing healthcare outcomes. Our goal is to make sure that everyone will have access to quality testing. Our long-term goal is to help improve the health and wellness of our patients. We will go beyond to ensure quality of each screening process.  

Our Professionalism


At Momentum Community Care we provide the most cutting edge genetic tests available today. Each individual will face a multitude of health challenges throughout their life. We want to provide a tool to help you confront those challenges. The specific genetic blueprint that our tests provide gives a road map to your own personalized healthcare.  Our genetic tests cover these specific areas: Adverse Drug Reactions, Cancer, Pregnancy, and Inherited Conditions.  

Why Momentum?


  Here at Momentum Community Care we have partnered with the top genetic labs in the country. Each with different specialties to offer the most cutting edge genetic tests available today. It is our commitment that we provide a personal approach to everyone we work with and that we bring them the very best there is to offer.  Genetic testing is becoming more accessible to the public at large. We are here to expand upon that mission.